Road to Greener Network

Exicom’s high efficiency power solutions and Li-ion batteries help you reduce carbon footprint while providing your customers better service and higher uptime.

Powering Small Cells

Exicom’s small capacity power systems, light weight Li-ion batteries with weatherproof OD cabinets can be mounted on pole, billboards, wall and can provide reliable power and high uptime to small cell deployment in any public space, enterprise or residential complex

Powering Rural Telecom Networks

Exicom’s Energy Management System platform which optimize poor grid sites coupled with rugged power supplies which work over a wide input range and up to 75 degrees Celsius are few things that are making deployment of telecom networks areas feasible.

24×7 Connected Cities

Communications requirements are exploding with connected cities, surveillance, connected lighting and other infrastructure. Exicom provides both reliable DC and AC power solutions and backup energy solutions to power such applications.

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