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Exicom understands your most demanding energy needs and effective, reliable backup power is essential for telecom networks. Whether it is urban setting or rural, with good grid or poor grid, indoor or outdoor, big requirement or small one, hot or humid climates – Exicom’s Energy Qb Li-ion (LFP) solutions can serve all your needs. These batteries have great cyclic capabilities, long life and are smart. Exicom has solutions ranging from 500Wh to 100Kwh for Telecom and has rich experience of deployment of +650MWh. Make your network more stable and greener with Exicom LFP solution.

Effective, reliable backup power is essential for the telecommunications industry to maintain increasing service demands due to growing cloud computing, data streaming, etc. Wireless or wireline installations, indoor or outdoor, on-grid or standalone, Exicom can meet themost demanding needs of today’s telecom operators using specialized LFP based Li-ion battery solutions. Exicom’s compact size and high energy density allows it to deliver the maximum possible performance in a limited space. Exicom Energy Qb solution allows consumers to get rid of all pain points of traditional lead acid batteries by giving high cycle life, zero or low maintenance, making batteries smart and intelligent and environment friendly. Capability to do fast charging helps in reducing DG run hours in off grid and poor grid scenarios. Come, join the future!

  • Can fully replace current existing lead acid or Ni-cd batteries
  • High Energy, High Power and Excellent cycle lifeof up to 4000 cycles (at 35 degrees and 80% DoD)in a small space
  • Cell level and Module level BMS safety protections for variety of abnormal conditions
  • Can work over a wide temperature range from 0 degrees to 65 degrees giving customers amazing savings with no requirement of air conditioners
  • Capable of high charge (1C) and high discharge rates (3C)
  • Flexible capacity configuration from 3.75Kwh to 37.5Kwh for Telecom base station sites and up to 150Kwh for central offices
  • Hot swappable and no requirement for power shutdown during maintenance
  • Performance data logging for all key performance parameters and events every 5 mins and up to a period of 7 years
Capacity 75Ah
Rated Energy 3.75Kwh
Volumetric energy density 110 Wh/l
Gravimetric energy density 130 Wh/kg
Voltage 50V (42V-56V)
Charge Current 37.5A (Nominal)
Discharge Current 37.5A (Nominal)
Recharge time at 37.5A 120 Mins
Round trip efficiency (Wh) >95%
Operating Temperature 0 degrees to +60 degrees
Cycle Life 4000 cycles at 80% DoD, 25 degree Celsius
Cycle Life 8000 cycles at 50% DoD, 25 degree Celsius
Communication Interface RS485
Dimension 450 x 178 x 300 (mm)
Transportation Standard UN 38.3
Safety & EMI IEC 60950; EN 61000, Chapter 6-2 and 6-3
  • Part Description: Photon 48V/2.7KW
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