Cooling Solutions

48V DC air conditioner line for Telecom cabinets, enclosures and battery compartments help protect and increase life of outdoor telecom network equipment and batteries. Exicom also has a range of cabinets for placing communication equipment, batteries and power system with forced cooling options.

48Vdc DC AirCon

Advantage Matter:

Telecom site uptime during power outage: Exicom DC Air Conditioners are soft starting and avoid the typical start-up inrush current as seen by AC compressor drives. It is built to run on battery backup, thereby ensuring full site uptime and ensuring site income, also during power outage.

Optimal for PV or hybrid site cooling: low voltage disconnect prolongs battery life in case of low voltage from batteries and the DC Air Conditioners are therefore highly suitable sites with battery back-up power and hybrid sites powered with renewable energy sources such as Photo Voltic – solar, wind, or fuel cells

Energy-efficient DC cooling: Because our DC Air Conditioners are capacity regulated, they only provide the exact amount of cooling needed. This means that they are much more efficient in use than traditional air conditioners, inverter based DC Air conditioners and even traditional DC Air Conditioners.

Integrated Heat Exchanger or Free Cooling: To save energy if the difference between outside temperature and cabinet temperature is not high, heat exchanger or forced cooling is switched on to maintain the environment and save energy by not running the air conditioners.

Cabinets with Forced Cooling Solutions

Advantage Matter:

Cost effective cooling solution: Many telecom equipment today works in environment condition of up to 30 degrees for which simple and effective forced cooling solution can be deployed saving capital costs, expensive real estate and running energy consumption of air conditioners

Fan Speed Control: Exicom solution comes in with built in software logic for fan speed control enabling higher efficiency in time of low load and less noisy operation in residential area

Integrated Display and Alarms: Exicom’s Fan controller comes with 6 dry contacts to extend alarms related to fan fail, cabinet temperature, humidity etc. Display allows complete view of current performance status, settings and alarm management.