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Cube High Performance,
Reliable and Connected Batteries.

9 out of 10 most polluted cities are in India

50% of miles driven by 2040 will be on shared mobility platforms

By 2040, India will have 5x of today’s automobile fleet with 50Mn two wheelers

70% of India’s population is below age of 35

75% reduction in charging time from current 6 hours to 0.5-1.0 hours in 3 years

10x is the running cost of ICE 2W/3W compares to an electric version

The Best in Class

With combination of several feats and innovation, customized for Indian requirements; Exicom batteries outperforms its peers in functionality, efficiency, power density, and reliability.


Meant for Everyone

Cube is no compromise battery system and a perfect combination of elegance and performance. Its light weight, ergonomic design, and multi-use scenario make it easy to be used in any type of 2/3 wheeler on any type of terrain and in any kind of environment

Advanced BMS Features

Over-current protection
Over-charge protection
Over-discharge protection
Water protection
Broken wire protection
Battery logs
Temperature protection
Short circuit protection
Power device fault protection
Voltage equalization
Secondary protection for battery faults
Dual battery discharge management
Dual battery charge management

Super Smart and Super Safe

Safety and reliability is of paramount importance for us. Usage of high quality cells combined with our superior aluminium metal based mechanical design (which is IP67 certified) achieves industry’s best thermal performance and provides resilience to water ingress etc. Our smart BMS has multiple levels of protection to keep the battery safe under all operating and abnormal conditions.

Temprature Resistant

Multiple Protection Level


Some facts about our batteries...

Key Features

  • 1.2KWh - 1.7KWh of energy in single pack
  • 1,000+ life cycles
  • High energy density at 180Wh/L
  • Ability to use as stand-alone, in parallel or series combination
  • Aluminium body for superior thermal performance. IP67 certification
  • Smart BMS with all protections. Inbuilt SD card for long term logging
  • Optional telematics board for 4G/3G and 2G communication
  • Bluetooth based App connectivity for user interface and data
  • Pre-integrated with Exicom’s 1KW / 2KW charger with optimized charge profiles

Key Specification (48V Battery)

  • Battery Capacity: 26Ah – 35Ah
  • Operating Voltage: 35V – 58.8V
  • Life cycles: 1,000+ life cycles at 80% DoD at 35c
  • Nominal charge rate: 0.5C; Nominal Discharge rate: 1C
  • Vibration: As per AIS048
  • Communication: CAN
  • BMS: Smart BMS with all industry standard protections
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 45c Charge and -20 to +60c Discharge
  • Dimensions (hxwxd): 355 x 220 x 105 mm
  • Weight: 11.2Kg

Always Connected

Our cloud platform enables seamless monitoring and management of your batteries and electric vehicles deployed across geographies

Battery status tracking
Real time GPS location
Trip Details
Geo fencing
Over the air upgrades
Remote shutdown

Fast & Portable Charger

Charge your portable Cube batteries inside the scooter or at your home with our super high efficiency Ultima 1KW or 2KW CAN based portable chargers and get 60 Km worth of charge under 1 hour.

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