Hybrid Energy Matter

All over the world, mobile telecom networks are continually expanding, often into areas with limited or no access to power infrastructure. At the same time, operators and tower companies are struggling with unreliable and expensive power for existing networks. Choosing diesel as the main power source for base stations, or as the backup for an unreliable grid, is becoming increasingly hard to justify – both economically and environmentally. Ex-Hybrid by Exicomis a fully integrated hybrid power system for telecom sites that cuts diesel costs by up to 90%. Ex-Hybridcan work with any combination of grid or renewable energy sources and diesel generator backup, to provide reliable, cost efficient power.

How E-Hybrid Works

Key Building Blocks

M1000-X Controller

Exicom’s controller is an advanced solution for monitoring a complex hybrid system. It monitors and controls the entire system and site power infrastructure, manages multiple energy sources, maximizes battery life, supports energy savings, and informs the operator of maintenance needs. Various tools are available to manage site performance versus target KPI’s and cumulative cost savings from real time energy data, diesel savings and remote monitoring possibilities can be substantial. It provides full suite of advanced communications options, including built-in Ethernet & USB interface

Photon 48V/2700W

To support renewable installations in telecom networks in areas of poor grid or no grid, Exicom has introduced Photon 48V/2700W Solar Charger. With MPPT algorithm ensuring close to 100% panel utilization and converter efficiency up to 96.0%, the galvanic isolated solar charger sets new standards for renewable power in telecom. It supports high voltage solar panel architecture to reduce DC cables and optimize installation costs. Photon charger also works with the same M1000 system controller platform making settings, control, and other user activities integrated and simple

Quantum 48V/3000W

With over 125,000 modules in operation globally in some of the harshest environments; Quantum 3000W has set a new benchmark for rectifiers in energy saving and reliability. Exicom’s Quantum 48V/3000W rectifier is bridgeless, dynamically and digitally controlled giving high efficiency of 95.0%